accountinfo RN2/RTG2/AN2/AT1
pagetitle ACH Transfer
instructions Instructions
  • Go to your Sending Bank branch or online banking to initiate an ACH transfer from another U.S. bank or brokerage to your East West Bank account.
  • Input all required information. In some cases your sending bank or brokerage may also ask you to verify your East West Bank account using instant account verification or test deposits (also known as trial deposits or micro deposits).

    Currently, we do not support instant verification so, if given the option, you should select test deposits as your verification method.

  • Submit your completed ACH transfer request. You should expect to receive the funds in your account in 3 - 5 business days, depending on your Sending Bank and successful completion of the verification process, if applicable.
fees Fees
  • Incoming ACH Fee is $0


    Sending Bank ACH Fee is determined by the Sending Bank

note Note
  • When linking your account to receive transfers, you'll see East West Bank as the bank name.