accountinfo RN2/AN2/IBN1/IBSWFT1/RBN2/SWFT3/RA2/RBA2
pagetitle Fund in Hong Kong Currency
instructions Instructions
  • Go to your Sending Bank branch or online banking to initiate an international wire transfer to your East West Bank account.
  • Choose international wire as your transfer method.
  • Input all required information, including your receiving East West Bank account details.
  • Submit your completed wire transfer request. You should expect to receive the funds in your account in 5 - 7 business days. Actual delivery timing may vary depending on the Sending Bank.
fees Fees
  • Send funds in HKD through our intermediary Bank and we'll automatically convert them to USD before crediting your East West Bank account, with the benefit of no incoming wire fee!

    Incoming Wire Fee is $0

    Sending Bank wire fee is determined by the Sending Bank (including any intermediary banks)

    Foreign Exchange: East West Bank's Hong Branch will convert your HKD to USD before funds are credited to your East West Bank account. Foreign exchange conversion rate will be based on the Bank's exchange rate in effect at that time.

note Note
  • The recipient name and recipient account number must match for funds to be credited.

  • “Intermediary Bank" may also be referred to as "Correspondent Bank".