Red Envelope

Send a Red Envelope to other East West Bank Mobile App users with customized designs and a personalized message. 1, 2

  1. Go to Red Envelope

    Tap  > Red Envelope.

  2. Select a recipient account

    Create a new East West Bank recipient by entering their mobile phone number, email address or East West Bank account number; or select an existing recipient.

  3. Customize your Red Envelope

    Enter a transfer amount and personalize your message, then select a customized Red Envelope design. 

  4. Review the Red Envelope

    Verify the transfer information on the Review Transfer page, then swipe to initiate your Red Envelope transfer.

  1. Open Red Envelope

    You must be special – you got a Red Envelope! Simply tap the in-app notification to open.

  2. View details

    Received more than one Red Envelope? You can find all of them in the Red Envelope Inbox.

Internal Transfers

Transfer money between your accounts or to other eligible East West Bank accounts. 1, 2

  1. Go to Transfer Money

    Tap  > Transfer on the Dashboard.

  2. Select a "Send to" account

    Create a new East West Bank recipient or select an existing one.

  3. Fill in recipient info, as required