Tell me more about why you need my U.S. Student Visa

What will happen if I don’t provide my U.S. Student Visa by the deadline date?

If you miss the deadline for providing us with a digital copy of your qualifying U.S. Student Visa, you’ll permanently forfeit your Student Benefit Fee Waivers.

Once I provide a digital copy of my U.S. Student Visa, when will I start receiving Student Benefit Fee Waivers?

In most cases, Student Benefit Fee Waivers will be applied to your Global Student account as soon as we receive your qualifying U.S. Student Visa document.

If the document requires further review, it may take up to 14 business days for the benefits to be applied.

Please note: Scanning of an invalid visa, may result in account closure, so please ensure that you scan the correct document.

Once I qualify, how long are my Student Benefit Fee Waivers good for?

Once your Global Student account qualifies for Student Benefit Fee Waivers, they’ll be applicable for 7 years from the account opening date.