My Perks Punch Card

Terms & Conditions

  1. Your My Perks Punch Card promotion is valid for 14 days from the date of your first qualifying East West Bank Visa® debit card purchase, and will end at midnight (PT) on the Punch Card expiration date.
  2. To earn your $10 Fee Credit reward, you must complete 5 purchases using your East West Bank Visa® debit card before the Punch Card expires.

    Your Punch Card will be automatically updated when you make qualifying purchases. Punch Card Stamps will only be issued for the first 5 qualifying debit card purchases made during the promotion period.
  3. A debit card purchase is not considered qualifying until a purchase request is received by East West Bank from the merchant.

    Depending on how a merchant processes your transaction, it can take up to 3 business days for a purchase request to be received. Therefore, you should try to complete your Punch Card activity as quickly as possible to ensure that the purchase request is received by us before the promotion expiration date.

    Note, merchant authorization requests do not qualify for Punch Card Stamps.
  4. Your Punch Card Stamps and dashboard can be accessed through the “My Perks” page in the Mobile App or the push notification you’ll receive when a qualifying purchase is made.
  5. To receive Punch Card notifications, your Offers push notification setting in the Mobile App must remain enabled for the duration of the promotion.
  6. Fee Credits represent a dollar value that will be made available in our Mobile App for you to apply towards Qualified Service Fees that have been charged to your eligible checking or savings account in the past 30 Days. Fee Credits have no cash value. Go to Learn more about Fee Credits for additional details.
  7. Debit card purchase dates/times are based solely on East West Bank’s records, and may differ from the actual date/time the purchase was made with the merchant.
  8. Promotion is offered on a limited basis only, with eligibility and qualification requirements determined by East West Bank. East West Bank reserves the right to discontinue or change this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  9. If you prefer not to participate in current and future Perks promotions, including our Debit Card Perks Cash Back Program, you may Opt Out by directly contacting our Customer Service Department.

    Once your Opt Out request has been received, East West Bank will work with our Service Providers to terminate your participation in Perks promotions and our Debit Card Perks Cash Bank Program. Your Opt Out request will generally be processed within 30 business days, although in some cases it may take longer.