Important Notice
  1. Velo will charge a $10 incoming wire fee 
  2. Alipay (including related processing banks) will apply additional fees
  3. Fund should arrive in 3-5 business days
Step One:
Login to your Alipay app, search and enter “Shanghai Wire” mini-program, and select "send now".
Step Two:
Select U.S. dollar as your intended wire currency, and then enter the amount you would like to wire to your East West Bank account. Click "Next" to continue.
Step Three:
Click "Add Recipient" to your Velo Checking account information.
Step Four:

Enter the required information and click "Save" to continue.

Step Five:
Select the newly added recipient, and click "Wire Now".
Step Six:
If you have previously used the "Shanghai Wire" feature, skip to Step Seven.
If it is your first time using the "Shanghai Wire" feature, follow the instructions on Alipay to activate your e-account with Shanghai Bank. Once activation is completed, proceed to Step Seven.
Step Seven:
Answer some Alipay-required questions related to your transfer, and hit "Submit".
Step Eight:
Confirm your wire related information is correct, and hit "Confirm and Send" to finish your wire request.
The Alipay information provided above is for your convenience only, and is subject to change. Velo does not warranty the accuracy of the information. You should visit the Alipay app or contact Alipay directly to confirm their current products, pricing and requirements.