Incoming PayPal Transfer Fee: $0

PayPal Sending Transfer Fee: Determined by PayPal

Step one:

Launch the PayPal App.

Step two:

On the main screen, click on the Settings icon.

Step three:

Tap on “Banks and Cards”.

Step four:

Tap on the “+” icon on the top right corner. Then select “Bank account”.

Step five:

Enter required information and then tap on “Link This Bank”.

Step six:

Tap on "Agree" to review and accept terms.

Step seven:

Enter the security code that was sent to your mobile phone, or answer the security question(s) if prompted.

If adding an account on PayPal China, you will need to call the PayPal call center to validate your ownership of the account.

Step eight:

You will get confirmation that your bank is linked and will see your account in the "Banks and Cards" section.

Step nine:

After linking your account, tap on the “PayPal balance” section on the main screen.

Step ten:

Tap on “Transfer” and select “Transfer Money”.

Step eleven:

Select the ”EAST WEST BANK” account with the last 4 digits of your account number and tap on ”Next”.

Step twelve:

Enter amount and proceed.

Step thirteen:

Review transfer and tap on “Transfer $X.XX USD Now” to complete transfer.

  1. When linking your account to receive transfers, you'll see East West Bank as the bank name.
  2. The information provided above is for general reference purposes only and may not be current. When using PayPal, you should rely on the instructions provided in their app.
  3. You can also link your debit card by providing card number, card type and expiration date. A small debit transaction valued at $1.95 will be placed on your card. On your debit card transaction details, check for a 4 digital verification code on this transaction. You need to input that code in your PayPal account to validate your debit card. After the validation process, $1.95 will be refunded to your account.