Officer Code : 10370
Branch Number : 646
FIS BranchNumber : 8646
Officer FirstName : Cynthia
Officer LastName : Leung
Agent BranchName :
OfficerTitle : Branch Relationship Manager
Officer Address : 135-11 Roosevelt Ave
Officer City : Flushing
Officer State : NY
Officer Zip : 11354
Officer Country : USA
Officer PhoneDirect : 718-640-9388
Officer PhoneMobile :
Officer EmailId :
Officer Available HoursMonFriStart : 9:00AM
Officer Available HoursMonFriEnd : 5:00PM
TimeZone : ET
Officer Introduction : Cynthia established herself as a well-known professional in her clients’ network. She has studied and worked in different countries and has professional experience with multiple financial institutions. Her philosophy of success is built on one belief “once you are my client, you are always my client!” She is an adventurous person and likes to travel and enjoy local cultures & cuisines.
Officer Wechatid :
Officer QRcode : /content/dam/ewb-digital/my-banking/officer-qrcode/qr-10370.jpg
Officer ProfileImage : /content/dam/ewb-digital/my-banking/officer-image/img-10370.jpg
Status :