Officer Code : 94193
Branch Number : 631
FIS BranchNumber : 8631
Officer FirstName : Mei
Officer LastName : Lau
Agent BranchName :
OfficerTitle : VP-Branch Manager
Officer Address : 767 North Hill Street
Officer City : Los Angeles
Officer State : CA
Officer Zip : 90012
Officer Country : USA
Officer PhoneDirect : 213-369-2699
Officer PhoneMobile :
Officer EmailId :
Officer Available HoursMonFriStart : 9:00AM
Officer Available HoursMonFriEnd : 5:00PM
TimeZone : PT
Officer Introduction : With over 30 years banking experience, Mei is involved in many community services such as at Chinatown Service Center, and Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, City of Los Angeles Gil Cedillo office. She is also a board member of Historic Cultural North Neighbor Council, Friends or Chinese, American Museum. She enjoy cooking, traveling, and spending time with two beautiful grandsons.
Officer Wechatid : MeiWahLau
Officer QRcode : /content/dam/ewb-digital/my-banking/officer-qrcode/qr-94193.jpg
Officer ProfileImage : /content/dam/ewb-digital/my-banking/officer-image/img-94193.jpg
Status :