Officer Code : 99089
Branch Number : 632
FIS BranchNumber : 8632
Officer FirstName : Mary
Officer LastName : Ma
Agent BranchName :
OfficerTitle : AVP- Assistant Branch Manager
Officer Address : 15333 Culver Drive
Officer City : Irvine
Officer State : CA
Officer Zip : 92604
Officer Country : USA
Officer PhoneDirect : 949-7338828
Officer PhoneMobile :
Officer Available HoursMonFriStart : 9:00AM
Officer Available HoursMonFriEnd : 5:00PM
TimeZone : PT
Officer Introduction : It is an honor and privilege to work at EWB for years. We understand customer service is a key of business success, thus we strive our effort in providing seamless customer service with sincerity, patience and professionalism. In my leisure time, I enjoy being physically active. I spend time on hiking, playing golf, and doing fitness exercise to stay healthy, energetic and vital.
Officer Wechatid :
Officer QRcode : /content/dam/ewb-digital/my-banking/officer-qrcode/
Officer ProfileImage : /content/dam/ewb-digital/my-banking/officer-image/img-99089.jpg
Status :