East West Bank Home Loans

East West Bank offers multiple loan programs and various options to qualify for a loan. Find a loan today that meets your needs.


Available Programs

• Bridge to Home Loan: Adjustable rate loans that offer various ways to qualify, including using assets or income. This program is a perfect fit for: 

• Self-Employed Persons

• Independent Contactors

• Small Business Owners

• Individuals with Irregular Income

• Immigrants / Foreign Nationals

• Corporations, Trusts or LLCs

• Persons with Past Credit Issues

• Conventional Fixed Rate Loans: Ideal for salaried or self-employed borrowers who can document income and assets required to qualify for the loan.

•  Low Down Payment Loans: Designed for low-to-moderate income borrowers and buyers in designated low-income, minority, and disaster-impacted communities. The product has a low down payment requirement and offers flexible qualification guidelines. 

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All rates, fees, products and program guidelines are subject to change or discontinuance without prior notice.  Other limitations and restrictions may apply.  All loans subject to East West Bank’s application, underwriting, appraisal and credit approval.  Program available in select counties of California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Texas, and Washington.  Cash-out refinancing is not available in the state of Texas.

East West Bank offers mortgages on properties in select areas within the United States. The mortgage loan documents and transactions will be conducted in English. If you do not read or speak fluent English, you will need to retain a reliable translator. The Bank is not responsible for, and you will not rely on, translation by the Bank. All transactions will be conducted in the U.S.; an attorney-in-fact can sign loan closing documents if appointed by a legally acceptable Power of Attorney. A valid government-issued ID card is required for all applicants for identity verification purposes.

 Equal Housing Lender.