How long will it take for my Alipay recipient to receive the funds?

After we successfully process your Alipay transfer request and debit the funds from your account, we’ll send you an email indicating the date when the funds will be delivered to your recipient.

Generally, it can take from an hour to 4 days for your recipient to receive the money.

Delivery timing will depend on the following:

  • This is the first time your recipient is receiving an international transfer: As a result, their Alipay account may not have a designated linked bank account. Alipay will send a notification to the recipient asking them to choose a designated linked bank account. Your recipient will have 24 hours after your transfer submission to designate an account, if the recipient fails to complete this action, Alipay will cancel the request and return the funds.
  • Alipay or the receiving bank may need to perform verifications that can take up to 72 hours: If the verification is not complete within 72 hours, Alipay will cancel the request and return the funds.