Once earned, your available Fee Credits can be manually redeemed to off-set Qualified Service Fees that have been charged to your eligible checking or savings account within the past 30 days.4,5

  • If you have enough available Fee Credits to offset the full dollar value of the redeemed service fee – then we’ll refund that amount back to your account.
  • If your available fee credits are less than the redeemed service fee – then we’ll only refund the amount of your available Fee Credits back to your account.

Keep in mind, once a Qualified Service Fee has been redeemed (for full or partial value) by you, or anyone of your joint account holders – it cannot be redeemed again.1,3

Note:  Fees Credits can be viewed and redeemed from our Mobile App only. Eligible Qualified Service Fees may take a few days to be available for redemption.  So, if you don’t see an eligible fee listed for redemption, wait a few days – and then check back again.