Officer Code : 10015
Branch Number : 653
FIS BranchNumber : 8653
Officer FirstName : Jacko
Officer LastName : Chow
Agent BranchName :
OfficerTitle : AVP-Assistant Branch Manager
Officer Address : 38-05 Union Street
Officer City : Flushing
Officer State : NY
Officer Zip : 11354
Officer Country : USA
Officer PhoneDirect : 718-961-4966
Officer PhoneMobile :
Officer EmailId :
Officer Available HoursMonFriStart : 9:00AM
Officer Available HoursMonFriEnd : 5:00PM
TimeZone : ET
Officer Introduction : Being an experienced retail banker and a supervisor for more than 10 yrs, Jacko always tries her best to fulfill clients’ needs. As a typical Virgo, she is hardworking, reliable, and practical. Attention to detail makes her extremely dedicated to her clients in helping them find success professionally. Jacko believes that she will become more successful when she helps others to be successful.
Officer Wechatid :
Officer QRcode : /content/dam/ewb-digital/my-banking/officer-qrcode/qr-10015.jpg
Officer ProfileImage : /content/dam/ewb-digital/my-banking/officer-image/img-10015.jpg
Status :