Officer Code : 75225
Branch Number : 650
FIS BranchNumber : 8650
Officer FirstName : Anita
Officer LastName : Feng
Agent BranchName :
OfficerTitle : Senior Relationship Banker
Officer Address :
Officer City :
Officer State :
Officer Zip :
Officer Country :
Officer PhoneDirect : 718-435-1288
Officer PhoneMobile :
Officer EmailId :
Officer Available HoursMonFriStart : 8:00AM
Officer Available HoursMonFriEnd : 4:00PM
TimeZone : ET
Officer Introduction : Having worked in banking for many years, Anita has built lasting relationship with old and new customers. By engaging with customers, she is able to discover and introduce the product suitable for their needs. When she takes vacation days or if there’s a long weekend, Anita likes to travel and sightsee to learn more about other cultures.
Officer Wechatid :
Officer QRcode : /content/dam/ewb-digital/my-banking/officer-qrcode/qr-75225.jpg
Officer ProfileImage : /content/dam/ewb-digital/my-banking/officer-image/img-75225.jpg
Status :