East West Bank

Business Fee Schedule

Effective Date: 01/01/2023
Account Maintenance Fee
See Annual Percentage Yield and Account Terms Disclosure for specific account fee information.
Check Fees:
Printed Check Order Prices Vary
Non-Customer Check Cashing $5.00
  (applies to non-Payroll checks)
Checks Paid (per item) $0.18
Checks Cashed (per item) $0.18
Coin and Currency:
Currency Deposited (per $1,000) $1.46
Coin Deposited
per roll $0.10
per standard bag $2.00
per non-standard bag, sorted $4.50
per non-standard bag, mixed $8.00
Standard Cash Order $4.50
Non-Standard Cash Order $6.00
Currency Furnished (per $1,000) $1.46
Coin Furnished (per roll) $0.10
Coin Furnished (per box) $5.50
Deposit Adjustments (per adjustment) $5.50

Credits and Debits:
ACH Credits $0.14
ACH Debits $0.14
Overdraft and Returned Items:
Non-Sufficient Funds (paid item) $34.00
Non-Sufficient Funds (unpaid item) $34.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Telephone Notification $4.00
Returned Deposit $10.00
Re-clears $5.00
Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders (Bank Checks):
Money Order – Customer (per money order) $5.00
Cashier’s Check – Customer (per check) $10.00
Cashier’s Check - Non-Customer (per check) $10.00
Stop Payment:
Stop Order Fee (per item) $30.00
  checks/items drawn against your account
Stop Order Fee (per item) $30.00
  Bank issued checks/items
Stop Order Fee (per item) $30.00
  Postdated check
Excess Activity (Money Market Accounts) $10.00
When transaction limits exceed those specified, per statement cycle.
Counter Checks (per check) $1.00
Account Closed Prior to 120 Days $20.00
Escheatment As allowed for by applicable State law
Wire Transfer (Outgoing):
Prices vary based on business needs, please contact your Account Officer or Relationship Manager for additional information.
Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer (per item) $40.00
Foreign FX Outgoing Wire Transfer (per item) $40.00
Foreign USD Outgoing Wire Transfer (per item) $50.00
Repetitive Domestic Wire Transfer (per item) $40.00
Wire Transfer Amendment/Recall/Tracer (per item) $40.00
Wire Investigation/Repair (per item) $30.00
Wire Transfers (Incoming):
Incoming Wire Transfer (per item) $10.00
Book Transfers:
Book Transfer Credit (per item) $5.00
Book Transfer Debit (per item) $7.00
Foreign Drafts and Currency Exchange:
Contact your Account Officer or Relationship Manager for current fees and services.
Control Account:
Account Setup Custom Quote
Monthly Maintenance $150.00
Collection Accounts:
Collection Set-Up Fee $50.00
Monthly Collection Fee $10.00
Items Sent for Collection:
Domestic Incoming/Outgoing Collection (per item) $25.00
Foreign Incoming/Outgoing Collection (per item) $45.00
Express-Mail $12.00
  Assessed when special handling is required
Back Office Research:
Research Fee $50.00/hr.
  Minimum of 1 hr. Plus $0.25 per copy
Faxing $5.00/1st Page
  $1.00 per additional page
Photocopies (per sheet) $0.25
Documentation Requests:
Statement Copy $5.00
Duplicate Statement $7.50
  Additional statement automatically mailed per statement cycle
Check Copy $5.00
  Copy of a check previously paid
Fax Copy 1st Page $5.00
Additional Pages (per page) $1.00
Verification of Deposit Letter (per letter) $15.00
Legal Processing Fee $75.00
  minimum charge
Levy/Garnishment Processing $90.00
  per occurrence
Notary and Guarantee: (Customers only)
Notarization No Fee
Signature Guarantee $5.00
Endorsement Guarantee $5.00
ATM Fees:
Proprietary ATM Transactions No Fees
Non-Proprietary Transactions – Third Party Owned *
Withdrawals 2 per statement cycle at no charge $1.00 per additional withdrawal
Transfers (per transfer) $1.00
* Third parties (merchants, financial institutions, etc.) involved in processing an Electronic Funds Transfer may assess additional transaction fees for transactions made at their terminals or machines. These fees may be included in the total transaction amount that is withdrawn from your account and shown on your East West account statement.
Internal Revenue Service Penalties:
Failure to Furnish TIN $50.00 for each failure
If you fail to furnish your correct Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) to us, you are subject to an Internal Revenue Service penalty of $50.00 for each failure unless it is due to reasonable cause and not willful neglect.
Retirement Accounts
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) $12.00
Basic Retirement Plans (BRP)/ Keogh $20.00
Basic Retirement Plan Common-Law Employees $12.00
Treasury Management Services:

With real time balance and transaction inquiries, account transfers and mobile deposit. Wire and external transfers also available.

Monthly Account Maintenance
1-5 accounts $0.00
5 + accounts (per account) $18.00

With real time balance inquiry, current day transaction inquiry, account transfers, check images and stop payments.

Monthly Account Maintenance
1-5 accounts $0.00
5 + accounts (per account) $20.00
Monthly Account Transactions
1 – 300 transactions $0.00
300 + transactions (per transaction) $0.12
Online Stop Payment (per item) $20.00

With real time balance inquiry, current day and previous day account history, account transfers, check images and stop payments. Additional payment and fraud modules available.

Monthly Account Maintenance
1-2 accounts $24.00
3 + accounts (per account) $18.00
Monthly Account Transactions
1 –1,000 transactions $0.00
1,001 + transactions (per transaction) $0.08
Online Stop Payment (per item) $20.00

For additional services like Wire or ACH origination, please check with your Account Officer or Relationship Manager for additional setup and pricing details.

Account Analysis:

Account Analysis is designed for accounts with high volumes of banking activity or that need specialized services such as Treasury Management Services. In the event of a high volume of activity, as determined by us, any account will be subject to Account Analysis charges.

Available Treasury Management Services for Account Analysis

For more information about Account Analysis and Treasury Management fees and services details please contact your Account Officer or Relationship Manager.


Provides a broad array of online and mobile business services that can help you control, access and monitor your company’s cash resources more effectively. Manage your business accounts and funds transfers whether you’re in the office or on the go.


This service allows you to make a deposit with a mobile device or from your office with an easy to use desktop scanner. Simply enter the dollar amount of your deposit, scan your checks, and transmit your deposit to the bank over the internet. No more driving through traffic, waiting in line or paying expensive couriers to pick up your daily deposit.

Lockbox Services

Enjoy state-of–the-art web based image capabilities powered by cutting edge technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that reduces manual intervention. Our technology allows for same day access to images and deposit information and promptly and accurately updates accounts receivable.

Cash Vault Services

Have your cash deposits delivered directly to the vault. This protects both your deposits and your employees.

Zero Balance Accounting

Manage all of your operating accounts with Zero Balance Accounting. The service automatically sweeps funds from the parent account to concentrate those monies on funding your subsidiary accounts. It works for you whether your subsidiary accounts are used for disbursements, collections, or a combination of both.

Positive Pay Plus

Our Positive Pay service reduces fraud exposure on your accounts. You can easily identify checks that are mismatched against your check register. This allows you to catch potentially fraudulent items posted against your accounts. You decide on whether a check should be paid or returned before clearing your accounts. Images of the checks are available with a click of the mouse, for even more protection and easy check research. And of course, Positive Pay is easily integrated with our Account Reconciliation service.

Note: Fees may vary by Customer, and fees and products may change from time to time without notice unless required by law. Fees apply to all business account types unless otherwise disclosed. This fee schedule supersedes any previous brochure or fee schedule by us. Please contact your Account Officer or Relationship Manager for additional products, services and fee information.